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Why We Use WordPress as Our CMS
WordPress controls around 20% of the main 1 million sites on the planet in 2015, it drives the business sector by a colossal edge, click here to see a full breakdown and examination of CMS piece of the overall industry.

We’re frequently asked which site CMS stage we utilize – WordPress is our favored CMS stage by far for various reasons. We’ve highlighted a reasons’ portion further down the page and have incorporated a convenient infographic which introduces this in a considerably more impactful visual configuratio

Here is some of the reasons why we incline toward WordPress:

  1. Search Engine Friendly. Wordpress is by a long shot the most web index well disposed CMS stage and in light of current circumstances, in our experience websites based on WordPress tend to rank higher than other websites based on different CMS. Much of the time we move our SEO customers crosswise over to WordPress as one of the numerous SEO changes we make to help expand their web crawler rankings. One purpose behind the increment in rankings is on the grounds that WordPress site code is for the most part cleaner in this way web search tools can better comprehend what hunt terms to rank the website for. Another reason is because of the numerous SEO plugins accessible for WordPress which amplify its SEO capacity much more remote than numerous different platforms.Wordpress likewise tends to bolster new SEO norms, for example, and Google Shopping value nourishes much quicker than different CMS frameworks which means websites running on WordPress frequently have a 1-3 year lead on locales based on legacy CMS frameworks.
  2. WordPress is Open Source. WordPress is an Open Source platform which implies that a huge number of programming engineers and developers around the globe add to the code so upgrades and improvements are taken off routinely AND there is no permitting expense for the product not at all like numerous other platforms. Particularly in today’s business surroundings where each dollar tallies, it means restricted site spending plans can be allotted to different ranges like Marketing or SEO which can specifically advantage the business’ primary concern.
  3. WordPress runs on Linux which helps support security and uptime. WordPress can be setup on the Linux working framework (versus a Microsoft OS) which implies its characteristically more secure and less vulnerable to assault. It additionally means better uptime in light of the fact that as you’re presumably mindful, Microsoft discharge security fixes all the time which oblige a reboot. A reboot implies downtime for your site.

Quite a few people befuddle, the individual blogging stage with, the CMS programming, which frequently prompts confusions about WordPress in a business environment. The two are absolutely related yet from a business point of view are totally distinctive stages. Here are some intriguing truths about WordPress you may not be mindful of:

  • WordPress controls around 20% of the main 1 million sites on the planet in 2015, it drives the business sector by a colossal edge. View Source
  • Nearly 50% of the top 100 blogs in the world also run WordPress. View Source
  • WordPress controls a percentage of the greatest sites on the planet – NBC, Ted, Top Gear, CNN, Time… View Source
  • The image below was created by Yoast